Innovation and technological advances

In order to offer competitive pricing and high quality products, our R&D team constantly engages in developing innovative methods for optimizing manufacturing processes and process capability. Through technical reviews, direct feedback from our customers, and customer complaints, we grasp every opportunity to make our products more functional and durable to meet the precision requirements for the industry. Tsang Yow actively cooperates with Metal Industries Research & Development Centre Taiwan (MIRDC) and National Formosa University to sharpen our know-how and to seek sounder solutions for product improvement. Communication inspires innovation, bolstered by our solid technical background.

Core technology

With the powerful backbone of developing aftermarket products for the automotive industry for the past 20 years, Tsang Yow’s reverse engineering and OEM capability has been tested and proven by the most demanding customers. We specialize in precision machining, stamping, gear cutting, laser welding and assembling, with a strong focus on transmission assembly components, heavy duty truck clutch parts, and off-highway series. Through finite element simulation calculation for mold design, process planning and forming quality are improved. Tsang Yow’s highly integrated resources, state-of-the-art equipments, and most importantly, our experienced team, will act as your best partner on the road to success.